Brand Matters. Here’s Why.

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Brand Matters. Here’s Why.

Brand Matters. Here’s Why.

The year is 1957. Two advertising executives draw up a muscular, tanned, bald dude and call him Mr. Clean. And with that, an iconic ad symbol is born.

But what does a muscular, tanned, bald dude have to do with all-purpose cleaner? Not much. Except he personified the qualities and values of the brand in a way that consumers could relate to. And after making his television debut in 1958, Mr. Clean made Procter & Gamble’s product the best-selling household cleaner on the market.

All that to say, brand strategy plays a pretty significant role in your marketing efforts.

See what a few of our senior leaders had to say about the subject.

What Is a “Brand”?

Tyler Power, VP, Performance Marketing

Contrary to popular belief, “brand” is more than just a logo. It is that foundation on which your business is built. It’s how you look. It’s how you act. It’s what you say. It drives your culture and is propelled by your values. It’s how you are perceived by your audience. And it’s the lasting impression you want to leave. Everything starts and ends with brands. It is all encompassing.

Why Is Brand Strategy Important?

Amina Mattern, VP, Digital Strategy

A strong brand increases the chances of customers choosing your product or service over your competitors. It attracts more customers, at a lower cost per acquisition, who are happy to pay a little more and will buy a little more often.

What Role Does Brand Play in Marketing?

Matt Robb, Creative Director

A brand stimulates and creates a connection with potential audiences. By building brand love and ensuring that your brand stands for a very specific set of values, you are able to build a loyal base of customers who choose your brand over your competitors’. 

Think of it this way: you’re in a store, deciding between two products with the same qualities. The package that looks better and has a more engaging message has a higher likelihood of being chosen. A brand is the package to wrap your company in. 

It also ensures that you are “constantly filling the funnel” and ensuring that your brand is top of mind for customers who may be in-market for your category.

Why Is Brand Awareness Important?

Amina Mattern, VP, Digital Strategy

It’s the first step toward a purchase. A customer has to be aware of your brand before ever considering to buy it. It’s also the area where you can typically inject brand personality and values, advocating for the “why” behind a brand’s existence. It’s this softer sell that generally resonates with and primes the right customers — with the offer or performance marketing approach being targeted, direct, and persuasive.

What’s Important for Brands to Know Before Going to Market?

Tyler Power, VP, Performance Marketing

Invest the time and care in your brand upfront. Focus on what makes your brand different and what’s going to give it longevity. Make sure you understand why your audience should care about your business, product, or service. Remember that your brand will serve as the foundation for everything you do moving forward, and if that foundation is weak, nothing of substance can be built upon it.

Keep these 5 things top of mind:

  1. Is my brand memorable? – Does my brand leave an impression and hold its position within the vertical?
  2. Is my brand meaningful? – Does my brand stand for something? Does it have a vision and mission that aligns with my values and the culture I want to create?
  3. Is my brand ownable? – Is it distinct and differentiated enough within the competitive landscape?
  4. Is my brand authentic? – Does my brand align with my company objectives? Does it resonate and ring true with my intended audience, but more importantly, does it ring true and resonate with me?
  5. Is my brand relevant? – Will my brand stand the test of time? Does it have the ability to engage, achieve awareness, and foster loyalty?

How Can Arcane Help Set Brands up for Success?

Our approach is all about optimizing your brand and amplifying your message. We ensure that each customer touchpoint is a seamless, consistent experience that lines up with your brand’s identity and core values. We then deliver a bespoke media mix to ensure a balanced approach toward brand-building combined with sales-driving tactics.

Need help building brand love? Let’s talk.

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