It’s Time to Give a Sh*t: Why Values-based Marketing Is Important

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It’s Time to Give a Sh*t: Why Values-based Marketing Is Important

It’s Time to Give a Sh*t: Why Values-based Marketing Is Important


You sent your employees away, equipped with extra monitors and “How To Stay Productive At Home” self-help guides. You published a carefully worded post to let your Facebook followers know you’re still there for them. You’re adjusting to the “new normal”. Now what?

At this point, you’re probably thinking about hunkering down, weathering the storm, and trying to come out the other end intact. But what about your customers? When your business relies on the trust and loyalty of your community, building and maintaining those relationships is more essential now than ever. In fact, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer, 61% of participants say the way a brand responds to the COVID-19 crisis will impact their likelihood to buy from that brand in the future.

This is not the time to hop on the morality bandwagon — they’ll see right through it. It’s time to actually give a sh*t.

The Arcane team is proud to work with clients that put their (marketing) money where their mouths are. From sales for front-line workers to donating essential products, we’re helping our partners pivot strategies, tactics, and messaging to embrace their company values and stay top-of-mind in these unpredictable times.

Make a Splash

As a relatively new name in the market, Ocean Organic Vodka is making waves by positioning itself as a community-centric, locally-owned company that cares. They promised to use their reach as a platform to celebrate culture, preserve traditions, and protect the oceans — and when push came to shove, they stepped up to the plate. Shifting their production efforts, Ocean’s master distillers responded to the high demand for hygiene products by producing hand sanitizer for Hawaii’s first responders. The Arcane team pivoted our ongoing content strategy to help spread the word, supporting Ocean’s efforts to adapt to an ever-changing media landscape.

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Heroes at Heart

Founded by firefighters, Firehouse Subs Canada believes that making good food isn’t enough — they have to do good, too. With a mantra of “serving subs and saving lives”, it’s no surprise that franchise owners wasted no time donating meals to local first responders and healthcare workers when faced with the COVID-19 pandemic. But the company wanted to do more. Backed by a strong precedent of success with past contesting campaigns, the Arcane team pitched and developed a new strategy that celebrates Canadian heroes — both on the frontlines and at home. Leveraging an increased desire to support local and an opportunity to live their values in a genuine and authentic way, Firehouse Subs and Arcane launched a multi-phased activation that recognizes, supports, and thanks Canadians nation-wide.

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On Route to Change

With schools out and students home, Langs Bus Lines Ltd. was left with no choice but to halt operations — but that didn’t stop them from spreading positivity. As a locally operated school bus company, Langs is driven by community and continuing to put their students and employees first was their top priority. We took to social media to deliver on that promise, publishing content that encourages families to stay strong, stay positive, and stay united.

Support the Front Lines. Period.

Working from home isn’t a reality for everyone. That’s why we’re proud to partner with businesses like Aisle, who are making it their top priority to show their appreciation for those on the frontline. From pivoting their manufacturing efforts to produce washable fabric masks to donating period products to healthcare workers, Aisle is embodying adaptability and proactivity not just in their marketing strategy but in their business as a whole as well.

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So What?

The entire world may have come to a screeching halt, but that didn’t stop our client partners from adapting, evolving, and pivoting when the time came. By stripping back strategy and letting their humanity shine through, these businesses are forming lasting relationships with their customers that are built on trust and loyalty. 

Even though the “easy” thing to do right now would be to hunker down, the best thing you could do as a brand is step up. It’s not about making a profit or capitalizing on the crisis — it’s about being there for your customers and proving that you really do give a sh*t.


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