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Most products are developed and marketed toward cisgendered people, but in the face of a gender revolution, Aisle saw an opportunity to make a big impact. They developed a product that could significantly change the lives of everyone who menstruates, not just cisgendered women. Our challenge was to prove the efficacy of paid advertising by reaching the right consumers with a message that felt true to the brand.


Pushing the Boundaries with Creative

Aisle was concerned about bringing on an agency that would be able to relay their specific brand voice and vision. But with mutual trust and informed testing, we produced raw, honest, witty ads that grabbed the audience’s attention and broke the mold of what the industry was used to.

Targeting the Right Customers

Due to the nature of targeting on social, it proved difficult to get our products in front of trans, non-binary, and genderqueer audiences. So, we diversified our tactic mix with Paid Search, allowing us to convert high-intent audiences regardless of any demographic targeting barriers.

Optimizing Media Spend

We proved that you don’t need hundreds of thousands of dollars to see a significant return. With thorough testing and effective tracking, we drove the most successful Black Friday/Cyber Monday on record, garnering an 875% ROAS on a modest $2,500 budget.


Data & Analytics

Digital Marketing

Performance Creative


monthly ROAS within the first 5 months
Decrease in CPA from Month 1 on Social

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