The Greatest Menstruation Campaign. Period.

Okay, so that headline is a bit aggressive and we only wrote it for the pun, but we think we’re doing an awesome job…

After hearing the CEO of Aisle, Suzanne Siemens, speak at the eTail conference in 2018, we knew they were an organization that Arcane needed to partner with. They certainly fit our passion and commitment to diversity in advertising and have a product which can significantly change the lives of people who menstruate around the world.

Through a discovery session on their immediate needs, it was apparent that paid social efforts were the primary focus of the business in their digital strategy. Through Facebook and Instagram, we have been able to tell the Aisle brand story and connect with consumers that share the Aisle mission of providing menstrual products that aren’t just good for your body, but the planet too.

Aisle had experience in digital advertising but had been “burned” in the past, spending too much on fees and media without a significant return. Their previous agency’s tracking efforts weren’t effective and they were leery of going down the same path again. Aside from direct return on ads, they were concerned about bringing on an agency that would be able to relate their specific brand voice and vision of the company. They hadn’t been able to make their digital advertising efforts work – until Aisle and Arcane partnered in late 2018.

Starting off with a small campaign to prove efficacy in the social space, Aisle and Arcane embarked on a new partnership – one where both parties worked closely together to identify the right consumer base. Through thorough testing, and pushing the limits with “out of the box” copy and creative, we’ve been able to find a sweet spot. Five months in and Aisle is now seeing a ROAS between 350-400% each month on their monthly campaigns.