7 Ways You Can Be A Better Marketer

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7 Ways You Can Be A Better Marketer

7 Ways You Can Be A Better Marketer

In the world of marketing, being great is more than just ticking off skills– it’s about having a mindset that sets you apart; it’s about embodying an attitude and ethos that transcends conventional norms. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, the most successful professionals possess a dynamic blend of skills and qualities that set them apart. Here, we delve into the key attributes that distinguish the best marketers from the rest.

1. Admit ignorance with grace. 

One distinguishing trait of exceptional marketers is their willingness to admit when they don’t have all the answers. They understand the power of humility, acknowledging gaps in knowledge and seeking opportunities to learn. By doing so, they create a culture of openness and foster an environment conducive to continuous improvement.

2. Strive to stand out. 

A1 marketers leverage humour to humanise their campaigns and create memorable experiences while staying mindful of context and brand alignment; they embrace disruption, they challenge norms, and take calculated risks — they strive to stand out in the marketplace, ensuring authenticity and relevance throughout.

3. Have a healthy “give-a-f***” attitude. 

Top marketers exude a passion and commitment that goes beyond the ordinary. They embody a healthy ‘give-a-f***’ attitude—an unwavering dedication to their craft and an infectious enthusiasm that inspires their team and fuels their success.

4. Don’t go it alone.

The best marketers prioritize teamwork and collaboration by actively listening to their team members and valuing their input. They create an environment where everyone’s ideas and insights are welcomed and respected, understanding that diverse perspectives lead to more innovative solutions.

5. Ask a lot of “dumb” questions. 

Marketers that ask what others are afraid to ask in fear of being seen as “dumb” are the kind of people you want on your team. They realise that these questions can often uncover overlooked solutions, challenge assumptions, and spark innovation.

6. Push boundaries and push back.

Exceptional marketers aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo. They push back when necessary, advocating for their ideas, but also recognizing the value in healthy debate and constructive criticism. This resilience fosters a culture of innovation and drives the evolution of strategies.

7. Accept that you are never done learning. 

The journey of learning never concludes for top marketers. They understand that the landscape of marketing is in constant flux, so they proactively seek opportunities for growth. Whether it’s through formal education, networking, or staying abreast of industry developments, they remain committed to lifelong learning.


In conclusion, the finest marketers are more than just professionals—they are torchbearers of innovation and collaboration. They embrace humility by admitting their gaps in knowledge, fostering an environment where learning is perpetual. They possess an addictive level of passion that propels teams toward success.

These marketers don’t settle for the status quo; instead, they push boundaries, challenging established paradigms with resilience and a thirst for evolution. Their journey is an ongoing quest for growth, a testament to their dedication to continuous learning in a field where change is the only constant. They’ve got this ‘never done learning’ vibe that keeps them on their toes—always seeking new stuff to grow and stay sharp. 

It’s these qualities that make them stand out and achieve big things in a fast-changing world of marketing.


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