Arcane Strives for Greater Integration with New VP, Performance Marketing

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Arcane Strives for Greater Integration with New VP, Performance Marketing

Arcane Strives for Greater Integration with New VP, Performance Marketing


The marketing industry is broken.

Gone are the days when a handful of tactics were enough to feed the whole funnel. Now, it takes dozens. It’s enough to send any agency running toward a specialization. The thing is, when you put yourself in a silo, the results suffer.

And so, we’ve evolved.

Since our inception nearly ten years ago, we’ve been on a mission to change the reality of marketing spend from an expense line to a predictable income generator. In essence, to demystify and bring transparency and accountability to performance and results. And although our approach has changed, our direction remains the same.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the promotion of Tyler Power to Arcane’s first VP of Performance Marketing position. In another bold step toward a truly integrated service offering, the VP of Performance Marketing will oversee and integrate each of our services and teams to create the best ideation and innovation from each.

“It’s a highly impactful role that brings a lot of value in how we get work done internally,” explains Lindsay Schneider, CEO. “We saw it as a natural evolution for Tyler, but also for Arcane.”

Tyler has already proven the effectiveness of this integrated offering as the Creative Director and General Manager of our Calgary office. He has the incredible natural ability to lead, motivate, and inspire fellow Arcanites, all while mentoring them.

“He’s been an agency guy his whole life,” says David Bunce, COO. “After 15+ years of living and breathing marketing agencies, he’s seen a lot of things that work and a lot of things that don’t work, and can bring a lot of experience to the team.”

Tyler will be integrating teams across Arcane to ensure they’re operating at their highest potential and streamlining our various processes. Tyler is the first creative-focused individual to lead these teams, further cementing the growing importance of creative integration in digital performance.

“The expectation is big. This is the first time that this role exists within Arcane, and it’s coming at a perfect time,” explains Tyler. “I want to make sure our people are heard and that we’re putting solutions and processes and initiatives in place that are going to take Arcane to the next level.”

Since the performance of digital marketing is dependent on all of our disciplines functioning at their best, the fundamental purpose of this new VP Performance Marketing position is to create an ecosystem that allows for more efficient communication and collaboration. Tyler will lead our efforts to increase creative cohesion and better integrate our service offering to create the best performance for our clients.

Tyler is an agency veteran. With this experience, he can be the voice of the people who are in the trenches each day, making sure that Arcane is always functioning at its best. We’re excited to welcome Tyler to this new role and we’re even more excited for what’s to come. Stay tuned.

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