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Heat Up Your Business

Heat Up Your Business


A Guide to Summer Marketing

Make sure your marketing doesn’t fizzle when summer starts to sizzle! We’ve put together a couple of ways to help you keep your brand strong through the next few months.

Make Your Store a Destination

In the summer, people are looking for places to go and reasons to be outside, so make your store an exciting locale. You can do this in several ways:

In the blistering heat, your location can be a getaway for consumers — a cool place where people can come to socialize while they’re in the store. It’s a good opportunity to highlight your products and services in a relaxed and comfortable way.

It’s also important to add interactivity to your store. Apple has been the prime example of turning a retail location into a destination by adding engaging physical elements. Not only are all the products neatly on display — allowing you to test your next purchase — but each location also has a Genius Bar. This is where customers can come to resolve their technical issues with real experts.

It’s important to make the physical store more enticing, but digital tracking is also a must! Both Google and Facebook have features on their advertising platforms that allow marketers to drive and track in-store visits. Google uses mobile tracking to see when consumers who have clicked on an ad visit the store in person.

Facebook Business allows users to create ad templates that can be automatically customized for each retail location — adding maps and proximity-based ad copy to drive in-store visits.

Participate in Events this Summer

Another great way to promote your business is by participating in local events around your city. There are always opportunities to take advantage of holidays and events to create a lasting impact through effective advertising.

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Throughout the summer, your community may host outdoor events like street fairs and festivals. This is another great chance to increase brand awareness and participate in some fun events by participating in them.

Strengthening your bond with the local community is not only important in itself, but it can provide several business opportunities by opening doors for partnerships with community members.

It’s important to promote and celebrate this bond by creating hype on social media. Twitter and Instagram are both great platforms to use as their instant and visual nature allows brands to engage users and build excitement for future events. By engaging other organizations on your channels, they are more likely to share that content and, as a result, your message is amplified to new audiences.

Use a unified hashtag across your social media efforts to create an entire summer of marketing excellence!

With the summer air bringing up consumer spirits, it’s important to be top of mind by engaging with the community in meaningful ways. Do your research on what’s going on over the next few months and start planning your strategy!


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