Giving “window shopping” a whole new meaning

At Arcane, retail marketing across digital has been a focus for us since day one. Arcane’s foundation across digital marketing and storytelling would provide a connection to consumers that had been long and difficult to obtain in a more traditional retail sense. Early in the Arcane days, we focused on leading regional Ontario-based retail brands such as iVision, Covers Canada, Copp’s Buildall, Cataraqui Mall and others. Our goal was to add a mix of social media activation, lead generation, and integration across brick-and-mortar needs while mapping and connecting multi-location inside-owned locations and REITs of all sizes. Each brand provided different issues and opportunities to track revenue and profit early in digital marketing (2011-2013) and, as showrooming proved challenging across many of our clients and partners, online shopping grew.

Pushing digital media strategies, tracking store level purchases through promotional incentives, needed to be manually tracked and mapped to show only fuzzy ROI in the early days. We would draw from our work with GoodLife Fitness, as a significant national Canadian brand, that enlisted Arcane as their DAOR in 2011 to help build and own their online lead generation requirements. These early days provided a foundation of tactics in regional markets that in 2014, drove our team to explore other national retail partners facing similar growth challenges online. After all, we envisioned that many other great and iconic retail brands must surely be facing similar challenges and issues entering into the digital space, and we were ready to offer a compelling solution.