We walk underground, and into the Cannabis vault...

It’s 2015. Trudeau has opened the door to Cannabis in Canada. We are in Gatineau, Quebec - about 40 kms from the Houses of Parliament in Ottawa.

“No, no no!”, Adam shouted as we very nearly set off the alarm. “Nobody is allowed in there,” he smiled.

We were all transfixed by an oversized jar of oil. It was almost unbelievable. Moments before, we stood beside plants with buds bigger than our heads - we are learning how Hydropothecary (and now HEXO) will drive innovation in Canada’s newest industry. We are covered head to toe in hazmat suits. Our marketing remit is wide in scope.

Yes Mom, it’s true - we’re selling weed. And everything is OK.

Fast-forward to October 2018 and Canada has officially opened the adult-use Cannabis market. We are the second country in the world to do so.

At Arcane, we have the bones of a Cannabis portfolio.