Our Culture

Giving smart people the freedom to do great work


Fig. IV - Get to know us

We’re constantly innovating

Arcane is home to over 65 passionate individuals making direct impacts on our clients’ businesses. We favour innovation and creative problem solving and we take the time to do things right. It’s not “scrappy”. It’s smart, sophisticated strategy rooted in brand and audience.

Our People

We attract top-tier talent from all over the country and invite them to work on their terms — whenever and wherever they want. All we ask in return is the dedication and discipline needed to do great work.

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Our People

Fig. IV.II - Learning & Development

We teach and learn

We’re all about progress over perfection, and that means fostering a culture of continued innovation and professional growth. Our internally built, ongoing development program, Arcane U, was designed to turn our team members into more effective, thoughtful, and agile leaders.

From clients to coworkers, we’re a dedicated group of marketers making smart strategic decisions based on research and data. We value transparency and partnership and the impact good marketing can have, and we’re not afraid to say no if the alignment isn’t there.

Guiding principles

  • The Head / Understand the why

    Big or small, all successes start with understanding and an idea.
  • Heart / Build meaningful connections

    To bring an idea to life, you must genuinely believe in it
  • Hands / Bring solutions to life

    Direction, determination, and ability to hone concepts into a masterpiece.

We believe Diversity and Inclusion are powerful engines for innovation. By actively leveraging our diverse experiences, we develop better ideas and people, ensuring our company's continued success and growth. We do this by creating opportunities that empower people to grow and reach their full potential. We seek out diverse perspectives and recognize the value of different opinions to challenge the status quo.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer; we embrace diverse cultures, skills, perspectives and experiences. We recruit, hire, train, promote, and compensate without regard to race, gender, religion, national origin, citizenship, sexual preference, age, disability, or marital status.

The hunger to advance our skills and abilities makes Arcanites stand above the rest. We don’t just talk the talk, each team member has a Professional Growth Strategy to identify opportunities, leverage our strengths, and work on the areas we want to improve.

We constantly seek ways to learn from and celebrate each other. Aside from official events like the AGM, we hang out on our amazing rooftop patio, show our competitive side at the annual Arcane Games, and get our trailer park on at Camp Arcane. We actually like spending time together — outside of work, you’ll often find our team getting some quality time in with a beer (or a few).

Right from the beginning with Jazzy the Golden Retriever, dogs have always been a part of the Arcane pack. Our furry friends are welcome to come to work with us — provided they are nice and don’t bark at our guests.

Being creative is thirsty work. We have Cowbell Brewing Co. beer on tap and coffee bars for when we need a break — or for our next big rush of inspiration.

Life happens. Sometimes we need a little extra time to commute, pick up kids, or work from home. That’s why we adopted a flex hours policy to improve job satisfaction and boost accountability.

Fig. IV.VI - Our Offices

In our natural habitat

The Cube

Our headquarters is more than a building — this big, beautiful space is a representation of our culture and our focus on transparency and performance. Our renovated space was built for collaboration and includes expansive formal and casual meeting spaces, including an auditorium that is available for community use.

The Closet

Branded in response to “The Cube”, The Closet is located in Toronto’s Fashion District. Many of our clients, friends and iconic Toronto landmarks are all short walks from the office.

The Vintage

Located on the 8th floor at the top of The Vintage, our modern space is large, open-concept, and boasts a beautiful view of downtown Calgary.

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