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Baby Come Back: Selling More in the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Baby Come Back: Selling More in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Baby Come Back: Selling More in the COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s no secret that small businesses are struggling right now. Manufacturing is halted for many, storefronts are closed, and the economy is taking a hit. And yet, consumers are spending more time (and money) online than ever before. Whether they’re supplementing online retail for essentials they would have otherwise purchased in-store or are indulging in a little retail therapy, the facts show that online sales are up.

So, what does that mean for local ecommerce businesses?

Once upon a Pandemic

The OVer Company, a baby apparel store based in London, Ontario, knows all too well that the struggle is indeed real. After being hit hard by the pandemic, the OVer team was forced to pull their ad spend and rely solely on reputation, word of mouth, and organic content to sell their product.

However, in anticipation of their biggest sale of the year, OVer reconnected with Arcane to ramp up their digital presence. The question was: how could a local baby apparel store breakthrough in such a heavily saturated, deeply disrupted environment?

In Rides the White Knight

In honour of Mother’s Day, The OVer Co. was offering 25% off everything from 8–11 PM. As they hadn’t put money behind marketing since March, the priority for our team was to reengage audiences while filling the funnel with new users. 

In order to make their comeback as strong as possible, we implemented a reach campaign for 72 hours before switching to a conversion-based objective. Within one minute, we had four results  — but the momentum didn’t stop there. Not only did we exceed their target AND stretch revenue goals, but we did so by over $10,000.

A Happy Ending

After achieving over a month’s worth of sales in just 3 hours at a 23×1 ROAS, it was clear that The OVer Company was back with a bang. By leveraging consumers’ new spending habits, online activity, and desire to support local, Arcane was able to bring a small business that was struggling to manage the new normal out of the weeds and into the new digital landscape.

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