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Arcane’s Secret Weapon, Morphio™, Now Available for Marketers

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Arcane’s Secret Weapon, Morphio™, Now Available for Marketers

Arcane’s Secret Weapon, Morphio™, Now Available for Marketers

May 9, 2019 – LONDON, ONTARIO – Morphio™, the AI-driven prediction platform that was created by marketers, for marketers, has publicly launched and is now available – offering a free trial to those interested in unlocking its powers. The data analysis tool that was developed in partnership with the team at Arcane – a digital marketing agency with offices in London, Calgary, and Toronto, Canada – has been a staple of their advertising success, and it’s now available for marketers everywhere.

In an effort to change the face of data analysis in the digital world, Morphio was born. The goal: reduce the amount of time that marketers spend on data collection so that they can focus on action and improved ROI – with predictive results provided from the platform. Morphio provides real-time reporting in a single place; Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) data can all be integrated into Morphio. Monitor all of your marketing data and receive prompts when something out of the ordinary happens.

Morphio was built for nimble both in-house and agency teams, helping them to set and monitor their KPIs to effectively hit their digital marketing goals. The strength of the platform lies in its algorithm which optimizes performance to these set KPIs, detects and analyzes anomalies, provides audience and customer segment opportunities, and monitors competitor performance – Morphio will detect anomalies in your data before you do:)

“It’s been a pleasure working alongside the Morphio team and watching the features develop. Over the past few months, we have had exclusive access to the impressive platform, and we couldn’t be more excited to see the Morphio algorithm launch” says Alina Morkin, Vice President of Marketing at

“Morphio is a secret weapon we use internally at Arcane that has helped deliver substantial growth for our clients,” says Eric Vardon, Co-Founder Morphio and Arcane. “We’re now in a position to share Morphio with the wider marketing community. Morphio’s mission is simple – help your humans – as we fundamentally believe the value that digital marketers truly bring is their strategy and insights to advertising efforts, not data gathering and analysis.”

Morphio is available now – start with a free trial to see how it works for you:

About Arcane:

Arcane’s mission is to change the reality of the marketing “spend” from an expense line to an income generator. Our team partners with growth-focused businesses in wide-ranging sectors across North America. Arcane is headquartered at The Cube in London and has offices in Calgary and Toronto. Arcane is independently owned and operated.

Keep track of our journey at, tweet us @arcanebrand or follow us on LinkedIn.

About Morphio:

Morphio is an imaginative software solution that brings all digital marketing properties into one place, and predictively and autonomously adapts strategy to meet your desired ROI. Through 24-hour data analysis, Morphio is able to prompt users when there’s a deviation in results from hitting your KPIs – detecting anomalies faster than a human can. Morphio allows your humans to be guided by data and insights, and not be overwhelmed by data collections so that they can focus on what matters.

Learn more about Morphio at, and follow us at @HelpYourHumans and on LinkedIn.

For more information please contact:

Lindsay Schneider, CEO
Telephone: 226-289-2445

Eric Vardon, Co-Founder
Telephone: 647-367-2457

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