Finding The Perfect Fit with Silver Jeans Co. + Jag Jeans

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Finding The Perfect Fit with Silver Jeans Co. + Jag Jeans

Finding The Perfect Fit with Silver Jeans Co. + Jag Jeans


The year is 1997. Hanson’s hit song MMMBop is playing on repeat as you dance in front of your bedroom mirror. You just got a new pair of Silver Jeans™. Life is good.

The year is 2020. You saw an ad for Silver Jeans Co.™ on Facebook so you visited their website and bought a new pair. Life is good.

Partnership Is in Our Genes

Since its inception in 1991, Silver Jeans Co.™ has been an icon in the denim industry, known for its emphasis on quality and unrivalled attention to detail. Established by parent company Western Glove Works, the oldest privately held denim producer in North America, the brand is dedicated to the craft of making great quality jeans at a mid-luxury price point their customers can afford. In 2013, Western Glove Works expanded its market share by acquiring JAG®, a denim brand focused on comfort and fit, empowering women to feel confident in the jeans they wear. 

As two established brands, both Silver Jeans Co.™ and JAG® were looking for a strategic partner to propel their e-commerce performance to the next level through an evolution in their digital presence. It’s no surprise that they found a perfect fit (pun intended) in Arcane. They needed an agency that could marry tactical strategy with their business needs and objectives. Lucky for us, our end-to-end, goals-first approach is more than just a sales tactic — it’s in our genes (and bonus we love jeans!)

We Go Together like Denim on Denim

The partnership started with a complete strategy overhaul. By shifting from what’s “safe” — remarketing and branded search — to acquisition audiences and always-on campaigns, we expanded both brands’ existing customer bases to push new visitors through the funnel. The extensive retail experience of both Silver Jeans Co.™ and JAG® combined with our mission to elevate the path to purchase made us the perfect pair — and we’re just getting started.

Our relationship with Western Glove Works and their brands is one more step towards our goal to work with iconic retail companies. They join the ranks of other Canadian favourites that we’ve partnered with, including Roots, SAXX Underwear, and Aisle (formerly Lunapads), in our pursuit to dominate the e-commerce space.

“I still remember my first pair of Silvers,” says Lindsay Schneider, Arcane’s CEO. “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with such an iconic Canadian brand, and we’re eager to keep the momentum going.”



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