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Arcane Provides Digital Leadership As Orangetheory Fitness Breaks Into Canadian Market

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Arcane Provides Digital Leadership As Orangetheory Fitness Breaks Into Canadian Market

Arcane Provides Digital Leadership As Orangetheory Fitness Breaks Into Canadian Market

February 15, 2019 – LONDON, ONTARIO – Since launching its first Canadian studio in 2012, Orangetheory Fitness has experienced rapid expansion, now with 87 locations in Canada – with many more on the way. Through our focus and passion for data and analytics, digital marketing, performance creative, and technology, Arcane is flexing its muscle to strengthen Orangetheory Fitness’ in their pursuit to take over the Canadian health and fitness market.

This new national partnership is all about inspiring Canadians to achieve their health and wellness goals, showing them how fitness and technology can change their lives. Together, we plan to revolutionize Orangetheory Fitness’ digital lead acquisition strategy by implementing a detailed and holistic marketing approach from the ground up.

“Our partnership with Arcane will be about inspiring Canadians to achieve More Life® through the pursuit of their fitness and wellness goals,” Orangetheory Fitness Canada’s President, Blake MacDonald says, adding, “Exposing Canadians to the marriage of fitness and technology at Orangetheory Fitness has the potential to change hundreds of thousands of lives, and ultimately make Canada a healthier country.”

Orangetheory Fitness joins Arcane’s family of partnerships which are making aggressive plays in new international markets. Beginning in 2017, Arcane has led the digital advertising strategy for Australian makeup brand Nude by Nature as it entered the Canadian market. Although still in its infancy, Arcane has also been supporting Lunapads in their expansion to the United States, further positioning the brand as a global leader in sustainable menstrual products.

How do we achieve accountable results and help our clients move into (and take over) new markets? It all starts with our hunger for data and analytics. Our complex data analysis involves evaluating all data sources and digital infrastructures to identify opportunities to improve SERP ranking, technical tracking, data management, UI, and conversion optimization. We leverage the right digital marketing strategy, media buy, and tactical channel mix — all driven by data that increases revenue. We call a combined vision of visual interaction “performance creative” — creative that not only inspires and influences, but ultimately drives action from target audiences.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with such a sophisticated organization, and with our extensive fitness experience, we have set our goals very high,” says Lindsay Schneider, Arcane’s CEO. Together, our shared approach for data and science will set new benchmarks for connecting with Canadians looking for a genuinely exciting option to live healthily.”

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Arcane’s mission is to change the reality of the marketing “spend” from an expense line to an income generator. Our team partners with growth-focused businesses in wide-ranging sectors across North America. Arcane is headquartered at The Cube in London and has offices in Calgary and Toronto. Arcane is independently owned and operated.

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