Don’t Shoot The Messenger!

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Don’t Shoot The Messenger!

Don’t Shoot The Messenger!


Why Your Business Should Give Messaging Apps A Chance

Facebook Messenger is a messaging platform that started out as a companion to the main Facebook app, but has quickly become its own major revenue driver. In just 5 years, the app has grown from 200 million users to a staggering 1.3 billion monthly active users.

Approximately 17% of the world population are monthly active users on the Facebook Messenger app!

With its incredible growth and massive reach, Messenger has implemented tools that marketers can leverage to create even deeper connections with consumers.

Current Messenger Marketing Tactics

You can reach consumers by implementing Facebook Messenger for Business. There are opportunities to place your ads within the app and encourage users to interact with the brand — either automated through chatbots or manually through brand community management.

Your ads in the user’s News Feed can include the option to engage in chat. Alternatively, you can choose to place your ads straight in the Messenger app, using the same imagery as the News Feed to maintain consistency. If the user engages with the brand in chat, they are demonstrating purchase intent and are establishing a connection — it’s a great opportunity for conversions!

Coupons and sales are the most popular ways to engage consumers across all generations.

Services like ShopMessage even allow brands to employ remarketing tactics on consumers. Users who abandon their cart may receive a message afterwards urging them to continue their shopping experience. Chatbots can deliver deals, answer questions, and cross-sell consumers for more conversions.

Some of the possibilities on the ShopMessage platform.

The Future of Messenger Marketing

Mobile is the key. Last year, 24 million Canadians — nearly 70% of the population — were mobile internet users, and this number is expected to grow significantly.

As mobile usage grows, instant communication and on-the-go marketing will be crucial. China is already seeing such trends.

WeChat in China

Over 900 million people in China use WeChat, a messaging app that is used for text and video chats, blogging, exchanging contact information, and much more.

According to Fast Company, 300 million people have added their bank information to WeChat Pay for making payments.

Messenger functions will take over more of our everyday lives. As such, brands will further integrate their marketing tactics into Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and other emerging messaging apps. As consumer-brand interactions become more popular, messaging apps will evolve into an immersive experience platform — not just a forum for conversation.

Messaging apps are still young, but they have made a name for themselves. Brands would be wise to jump in early, as there is a chance to innovate and express raw creativity.


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