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Arcane Purpose Coins


Our people are everything


Fig. IV - Our Purpose

Leading with passion and purpose.

We believe that effective leadership takes practice, commitment, and humility. It’s not about your rank or position, it’s about showing up to work with the passion and dedication to help others reach their full potential.

Lindsay Schneider's Fun Photo

Lindsay Schneider

Chief Executive Officer

She’s a business leader who puts people at the centre of everything she does. She’s the visionary and creator behind Arcane’s leadership development program, Arcane U. Lindsay’s passion for leading the Human Capital function across many industries has been pivotal in her role as Arcane’s Chief Executive Officer.

Scott Hartley's Fun Photo

Scott Hartley

Chief Operating Officer

The Best in the West – bringing over 20 years’ experience working with some of Canada’s biggest brands, Scott manages our Calgary office. His knack for getting to the root of a business problem means that no challenge is too steep for him.

Tyler Power's Fun Photo

Tyler Power

Vice President, Performance Marketing

With over 15 years of experience working with clients and brands of all sizes, Tyler’s core focus is blending emotive creative with the power of data to produce high-performing, results-driven campaigns. Process, product, and production are at the core of his ethos, and he is passionate about leading from within, not above.

Fig. IV.I - Our Leaders

Trevor Carter's Fun Photo

Trevor Carter

Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing

Lindsay Goodyear's Fun Photo

Lindsay Goodyear

Squad General Manager

Andrea Hayward's Fun Photo

Andrea Hayward

Director, Finance and Operations

Jeff Hemphill's Fun Photo

Jeff Hemphill

Digital Analytics Manager

Michelle Hogarth's Fun Photo

Michelle Hogarth

Director, Special Projects

Jacci Keefe's Fun Photo

Jacci Keefe

Account Director

Tom McIntosh's Fun Photo

Tom McIntosh

Director, Strategic Partnerships

James Michael's Fun Photo

James Michael

Director, Web Development

Val Oosterbaan's Fun Photo

Val Oosterbaan

Squad General Manager

Matt Robb's Fun Photo

Matt Robb

Creative Director

Dan Towers's Fun Photo

Dan Towers

Squad General Manager

Fig. IV.II - Our Team

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